We provide the complete range of graphic design, web design, advertising, media planning and buying as well as public relations services to our clients.

We design an integrated communications package to meet a project‘s specific need. Our talented and experienced professionals ensure that our recommendations are strategically sound, as well as extremely time and cost efficient. From that point onwards, it is our dedication to client servicing and going that extra mile that distinguishes us from our competitors.

We deliver high quality work at low cost; whether it’s a single ad or a large campaign, a website & video documentary, we’ll deliver on time, within budget and always exceeding your expectations

Interactive Media is a full service providing designing agency that offers the full spectrum of advertising services to its clients ranging from creative design, print advertising, electronic media advertising, media planning, media buying, market research, public relations, events management, and a range of specialized services that include web design, web development, internet advertising including email advertising and online advertising.

Imedia provide the most suitable business designing solutions & services since 2005; we offer specialist services to meet our client’s requirement as we believe that “Service” is the key to any success in the media Industry.
Our Vision
We go where our clients need us.
Our Mission
To establish a class company, serving clients with a smile, to their entire satisfaction.
Our Skills
About US
To Provide World-Class Quality.
To Ensure Victory To Our Clients.
To Have An Everlasting Relationship With Clients.
Team’s Spirit And Trust.
Innovation, Creativity...Care.

We analyze each client’s market situation and requirements and structure a site that would generate the most long-term value for its brands. We take pride in the client to test us and push us to the edge of the knowledge to comprehend that we understand technical matters and can indeed be shouldered with a responsibility. The company is spearheaded with individuals who are experts in their chosen area of operation excelling in technical solutions that customers are relying on.

Our after sales service focuses to periodically parameterize a customer's concern and addresses concern without delay.
We Focus on the User
For a complete Media & IT solutions, it has to be first understood then met. Imedia I committed to the principles of usability hence our solutions are simple and easy to use. This is reinforced by the use of innovated web designing & modern printing techniques and the latest user support techniques. Our belief in participative design ensures that the user is put at the heart of our development process.
We Focus on the Business
A complete Media solution requires that commercial and organizational needs should meet. Any I.T & Media solutions will not be successful unless it fits into its particular business context. The use of participative design and our extensive business knowledge help us to understand this context. In particular Imedia expense market makes us an ideal partner in creating solutions for these types of organizations.
We Focus On Design
A Complete Media & It solution also requires the good design. Imedia offers a quality business solution like web design, brochures, flyers, design services & logo or any other related solution; we have developed considerable design experience. The company regularly carries out research into the latest design techniques and our employee development and training program ensures that our consultants have updated knowledge.